Jerome Nelson was arrested on April 27th and charged with first-degree murder.

Jerome Nelson

Unfortunately there are no shortages in domestic violence cases.  April 27th 2018 Odessa police respond to reports of shots fired 9100 Andrews Highway at 2:00 a.m.  28 year old Rochel Zuniga was shot dead after a confrontation with Jermone Nelson. Nelson tells police that during the confrontation with his wife he shot her with a revolver.  Instead of feeling the shock of what he had just done Jermone says he passes out.  When he woke up a while later he sat and thought about what to do before calling law enforcement.  Rochel had a twin sister, Symela Haun who spoke to CBS7 and said "'s just this empty feeling you know like a piece of me died with her,", her whole family is devastated.  I thought about looking up the numbers for Ector County alone regarding domestic violence related homicide but it was too much for me to even think about.  The increase in these type of incidents is always on the rise but there are avenues for help.  Safe place of the Permian Basin has a 24-hour hotline they provide for these types of domestic violence situations 432-570-1465 or 1-800-967-8928 they also provide counseling, shelter, children's programs, and legal and personal advocacy.