On this day in 2012 at the Joaquin Country Inn a man shot three people out of no where.  Marilyn Retamar, housekeeper Martha Acevedo-Chan and handyman Sam Watts were just starting their rounds cleaning rooms when a man came into room 129 and demanded a key. According the a victim who survived by playing dead, Mr. Watts said “Here’s the key man” and then was shot in the head just like that.  The gunman then shot Watts two more times, shot Retamar in the head and then shot and killed Martha Acevedo-Chan.  As she lay on the ground pretending to be dead the gunman, Bobby Grubbs, drug her by the hair across the room and then left.  Somehow she was able to get to the window to see where the man went and observed him stealing Watt’s truck and driving away with a woman in the vehicle with him.  The woman was his wife, Deedra Grubbs.  They were both apprehended not long after that same day in Montgomery County.  Miraculously the man who was shot in the head and then again two more times as he lay bleeding on the floor of room 129, survived after being airlifted to LSU Health.  The couple responsible for the triple shooting were on the run for a previous attempted murder of a woman who Deedra Grubbs was working for, cleaning her home.  The couple showed up to the woman’s home and attempted to kill her.  They ransacked the home for guns and jewelry and left the woman for dead who then came to and called police.  Once the modern day Bonnie and Clyde realized they were being sought after by police they left town.  Running into car troubles forced them to stop and get a room at a hotel to figure out what to do about their transportation situation.  Admissions on the car ride to the jail made by Bobby and several letters written to family, his wife, his lawyer ect… professed of Deedra’s innocence in the entire ordeal.  Bobby says he forced his wife to do everything she did, forced her to go with him to the home of the woman she was cleaning for, forced her to go with him on the run, he also says before the robbery and attempted murder of Deedra’s employer he was hiding her medication for bi-polar disorder and as a result of being without them and his threats of harm his wife had no other choice but to go along with what he wanted.  Bobby Grubbs is eventually convicted and receives life in prison while Deedra tries to claim she had nothing to do with her husbands crime spree that ended in the murder of an innocent woman.  However, the woman who survived an attempt on her life testified in court that Deedra seemed more than happy to assist in the robbery and was helping to bind her hands as Bobby had his hands around her throat attempting to break her neck.  Deedra received an automatic term of life without the possibility of parole.

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