On this day in 2001 an article in the Odessa American announced to it's readers the long overdue arrest of a murderer. Three years before a wife and mother of five went missing from her home in Greenwood leaving her loved ones with no answers to where or why she disappeared.

Daytina Blair Hulslander

According to an article in the Odessa American, Daytina Blair Hulslander was last seen at her home by her husband on April 27th, 1998. She didn't take anything with her but the clothes on her back apparently.  Her parents and her children agonized over her mysterious disappearance everyday leading up to the discovery of her remains by quail hunters in Glasscock County, just three miles southwest of Garden City. When she disappeared her three sons went to stay with her parents and her two daughters remained in the home in Greenwood with their father.

Daytinas sons

The article in the Odessa American on this day back in 2001, exactly 20 years ago to the date, announced the arrest of the person they believed to be responsible for her death, the person that the late Sheriff Painter had his eye on since day one...her husband.  Allen Dee Hulslander was finally charged and arrested for his wife's murder.  His trail begin a year later with Hulslander hiring a nationally known San Antonio attorney, Gerald H. Goldstein.  Goldstein has defended what some would say were the worst kind of criminals, notorious drug dealers, accused polygamist child abusers, a theater owner who showed the X rated film "Deep Throat" and others.... Wonder why he felt the need to get the big guns on his case? Hulslander ended up pleading nolo contendo, which means he knew he was gonna loose even with his fancy attorney on board. Allen Dee Hulslander murdered his wife and the mother of five young children and left her body on a ranch to be ravaged by the harsh west texas elements. I haven't been able to figure out how long he actually spent in prison for what he did to Daytina but there is no record of him as being currently incarcerated so not near enough.