Dear Journal,

Last night, I had my first baseball practice. We mainly ran the bases. Also, my sister was inducted into the National Honors Society. Bud Clark was the inspirational speaker. There was even another thing going on last night. North Carolina beat Michigan. YEAH!!! North Carolina beat Michigan in the NCAA Finals. Chris Webber, of Michigan, tried to call a time out but they didn't have any, so North Carolina won. Donald Williams, I think, is the MVP for the Final Four. The final score was seventy-seven (North Carolina) to seventy-one (Michigan). Everybody around school, wanted Michigan. But not me! I wanted North Carolina from the start of the season.

Holy crap the kids in my school were obnoxious about Michigan and the Fab 5 Freshman. I did not stop hearing about Chris Webber and crew all year long. But it was oh so sweet getting the last laugh on that one. And no, I'm not sure why I was rooting for North Carolina. I just always pulled for them for some reason.



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