On this week's After Buzz:

  • Someone mentioned in the Facebook chat during the MoSho that they remembered when I started on the show and that Fernie hated me. Yup, that's true. Because I actually expected him to do his job. And yes, the dislike went both ways.
  • Life Hacks:
    • Some tips to help you through a hurricane.
    • How to help you get to an answer to your problem you just Googled.
    • How to help you get through a heated argument with one simple phrase.
  • Stranger Things Season 3
    • My wife seriously cried and she doesn't cry at anything.
  • Chernobyl and Juarez
    • We had a few people reach out to us about a story called Juarez Chernobyl. It's a crazy story and for more details, you can check out a blog by CLICKING HERE. It's basically the biggest radioactive contamination in America. But since there wasn't a massive explosion involved, it isn't very well known.

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