Dear Journal,

I made the "B" basketball teams for school. Mr. Spooner is my coach. We have practice tonight after school. In period two, every class had to read. I was in band and I am mad we didn't get to play. Most of the kids really didn't read. They just talked. On Friday night I had a temperature of 102.2 F. I had a sore throat, headache, stuffy nose, and my neck was sore. Except the next day it was 101.2 F. I still played in my soccer game. We lost by one. The other team was up by 3 and we scored two straight goals. Yet we didn't score a third goal. After the game, Josh, Jeremy, Willie, and I all slid in the mud in front of the goal. I first slid on my back and then on my front.

I remember that whole sliding fest after that soccer game. I slid over something that cut my leg open and I thought it was so cool I was bleeding through the mud. I felt like I was in the movie Predator. I also thought it was a lot worse than it really was. It was a scratch that was just enough to bleed, but of course my 12-year-old brain immediately went to "I'm going to need stitches."


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