We all loved seeing Danny lose her sh*t on the entire capital and burning everyone and everything in her path, but now watch her do it to a kick ass song. Many Game of Thrones fans were shocked and some horrified by the quick turns of events went Danny went full on Mad Queen desecrated all of King's Landing with the help of her trusty dragon-child Drogon. While the damage and aftermath were horrific, the visuals of the destruction were stunning. Which makes me think, if we could change the music played during the destruction, what songs would work? My first choice was Drowning Pool "Bodies," but a Youtuber had a different song in mind.

Check out the destruction of King's Landing set to the tune of Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls." For the next time Daenerys decides to go all Mad Queen on the people of Westeros, I'd also like to suggest Seth Rollins entrance music so we can see her truly "Burn It Down."

explosion nuclear bomb in ocean


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