Have you ever wanted to make history by breaking a Guinness World Record? I love watching that show where they have people trying to break records.  When Doc and I were in San Antonio while going through the Guinness Museum we saw a video of a guy trying to break the record for most things kicked off peoples heads in a certain amount of time.  He ended up kicking a few people in the face, which was arguably the best part of the show, however he did not succeed. I remember thinking, “that’s a pretty low effort, simply sorta record, I bet a ton of people could do that”.  So here I am sitting at my desk at my big girl job and I’m thinking I’ve seen more than a few of these records that aren’t all that complicated, I bet there’s a hand full that might be fun to take a crack at.  So I got together a little list and I think I’ll these are the ones I’m going to try.  You guys should try some with me, and be sure to post the proof of your efforts so we can all watch history! (maybe)

  1. Most CD’s balanced on one finger

Current official record: 50

Rules: You may not poke your finger through the holes of any of them; finger must be flat against the CD.

(for you millennials a CD, short for compact disc, were once used to store, record and play music on, they were slipped into that thin rectangular slot in your vehicles middle dash whose purpose you didn’t know until now)

Good luck finding enough CD’s to try this record out.

  1. Most T-shirts put on in one minute

Current record: 30

Rules: Can use any size, short or long-sleeved, and you may enlist a friend to help you pull them down (though they must be put on one at a time).

I’m going to try this one just to see how many shirts I own…This would be a great one for Doc to try since I know for sure he has more than 30 shirts.

  1. Most Jell-O eaten with chopsticks in one minute

Current record: 3.2 ounces

Rules: Any flavor, and only one hand may be used while the other is held behind the back.

Eating Jell-O with chopsticks is almost as awkward as I assume it would be to get hit on by the man who used to rep it.

  1. Most sticky notes on the face in one minute

Current record: 58

Rules: Must use sticky notes measuring a minimum of 73mm on each side, must be placed there by the individual themselves, and must remain attached for a minimum of 10 seconds after the minute is over.  May not be attached to the eyelids.  (what the hell, why not?)

  1. Fastest time to place 24 cans in the fridge

Current record: 9.76 seconds

Rules: Cans must be intact and unopened, must use a commercially available refrigerator, and it must begin with the door closed. If any cans fall over or any end up broken/dented during the process, the attempt is deemed invalid.

Doc would be the one to try this one considering he’s so anal about beverages in the fridge.

  1. Most Leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds by a team of two

Current record: 32

Rules: Participants must take turns being the frog, and each person must have both hands placed on the ground and the back, respectively, at the same time before a jump.

This record is a sure bet if you’re hoping to catch someone eat sh*t, cause it’s totally going to happen.

  1. Fastest time to drink 500ml of water (yeah, water, that’s the only liquid we suggest using while attempting this record……)

Current record: 2.35 seconds

Rules: Must use a clear glass and no spillages allowed.

  1. Most saltine eaten in one minute

Current record: 10 (ok SERIOUSLY? I know 10 people right off the bat who can beat this one wth?)

Rules: Only one cracker may be eaten at a time, and after each, the participant must show their empty mouth before proceeding to the next.  All must be swallowed at the expiration of one minute. No drinking allowed.  Has been described as “tasting like a mummy’s d*ck”, just so you know.

  1. Most times jumped into a pair of underwear in 30 seconds (……so…..most panties gotten into? Not sure 30 seconds is long enough to get into anyone’s panties…)

Current record: 9

Rules: The underpants (lol, underpants) used must be brief-style and reflect the actual size of the person attempting the jump. They must be fully pulled up to the waist then removed before the subsequent jump. Only jumps with both feet at the same time will be counted.

  1. Fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head while blindfolded

Current record: 16.17 seconds

Rules: Must only use hands and must attach all included accessories in their proper, anatomically correct positions.

I used to have a really big Mr. Potato Head this would be fun with.

  1. Most marshmallows eaten in one minute

Current record: 25

Rules: Must be standard size (not mini or giant), and may only be eaten one at a time. There is no drinking allowed during the attempt either.


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