The one time you'll ever hear a guy say he wants less head is when it comes to his beer. The object (or so we've thought) when pouring a beer is to prevent as much foam (or head) on the beer as possible.

But that's not the case. If you don't believe me, just watch this video. If you pour a beer with almost no foam, that means you've trapped all the CO2 in the glass of beer. Then, when you drink that beer, you're drinking that CO2. So if you eat some food, when what you ate hits your stomach, it's going to hit that CO2 in your stomach causing you to feel bloated.

So, while it might seem weird, and look like you're wasting beer by pouring it vigorously and creating a lot of foam, you're, in fact, pouring it properly to prevent all that CO2 from taking up space in your stomach, and helping you get all the flavors of the beer out. And yes, all that foam, will eventually settle down, back into beer.

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