I love draft beer. Not craft beer. Not IPA's. Just regular draft beer. The issue is, there seems to be a lot of places here that don't properly and regularly clean their lines. A new place will open up and it'll be great...for a few months.

I want to know what the best place to get a beer in the Basin is. Draft beer is an art. It is also the best taken car of beer. Bottles and cans are rarely kept at a constant cool temp while in storage, and that affects the taste. My personal favorite beef on tap in Smithwick's. The "W" is silent btw...for some reason. So if you know ANYWHERE that serves it ON TAP please let me know immediately. It just isn't as good in the bottle, much like any other beer. So lay some knowledge on me. Where is the best place for tap beer in the basin? I'll also post the results of your answers next week.

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