So I'm pretty sure I almost killed myself in the dumbest possible way today.

Family: How did he die?

Doctor: Cherry flavored Chloraseptic overdose.

Family: Smfh, what an idiot.

Why would they make it cherry flavored? You won't hear me much on the air today because I lost my voice over the weekend and I'm still trying to get it back. With that said, I was spraying chloraseptic in my face pretty much every 5 minutes because it felt good...really good lol. Suddenly it dawned on me that mayber there's directions on the bottle and I shouldn't be taking it that often.

Sure enough, it says clear as crystal on the bottle "Use every 2 Hours". What the hell good is chloraseptic spray every 2 hours? So I get to spray this nasty stuff down my throat every 2 hours for 10 minutes of releif? It kind of seems a bit pointless. Also, why are so many people sick with illnesses usually associated with winter this summer? It seems like everyone is sick this summer.