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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for UFO sightings. I’ll also be the first to admit that many of the sightings can easily be explained.

So, I’m hoping someone can help me out with the latest sighting here in Wichita Falls.

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A user on Reddit posted a video two days ago of a strange light moving across the sky and then disappearing into the clouds. Some of those commenting on the video believed that it was the International Space Station.

So, I cruised on over to NASA’s Spot the Station website to learn more. According to the site, the station can easily be spotted with the naked eye if you know where to look:

Watch the International Space Station pass overhead from several thousand worldwide locations. It is the third brightest object in the sky and easy to spot if you know when to look up. Visible to the naked eye, it looks like a fast-moving plane only much higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour faster!

It sounds like a viable option to me as the light in the video has all the hallmarks of the Space Station. It certainly wasn’t moving erratically and did kind of resemble a fast-moving plane.

One person who commented on the video suggested it was a federal drone. While I’m no aviation expert, it didn’t look like a drone to me. That thing is way too bright to be a drone.

What do you think it was? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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