As temperatures get lower and we all bundle up for the winter season, the holiday season takes shape. Some are simply more excited to celebrate the holiday season than others of course. Whatever the choice Texans make, one thing is for sure:

Everyone just seems happier during the holidays with all the various things that bring smiles to our faces.

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One thing is for sure though, some places go all out in the celebration of the holidays. Every place has their own way of celebrating, and while some are smaller, others are very extravagant. Wouldn't you know it, Texas might have a claim that they might do the holidays better than most.

Thumbtack Releases The Best Festive Cities

Recently, Thumbtack put together data that showed the top 20 cities for celebrating the holidays. The data collected was in regards to home projects that many planned for the season. So with this knowledge, how did Texas fare in the rankings?

Texas cracked the top ten immediately, with San Antonio coming in right at the tenth spot. But the Lone Star State also landed in the top five, with Houston at four, Dallas-Fort Worth at two.

Number one? Drum Roll please...Austin, Texas was ranked the number one city in the nation to celebrate the holidays. So could Texas be the best place to enjoy the holidays? We might have an arguement.

But it looks like we have some more work to do, after all, Texas should be the entire top five, not just three!

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