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It's House Bill 521 and if it passes, unborn children will be considered a second carpooling passenger in Texas!

Yep, unborn children will be counted in the HOV lanes throughout Texas.

HB 521 was just introduced by Houston-area Republican representative Briscoe Cain says, "An operator of a motor vehicle who is pregnant is entitled to use any high occupancy vehicle lane in this state regardless of whether the vehicle is occupied by a passenger other than the operator’s unborn child." as reported by FOX 4.

Texas news was trending big time in June eventually making it to the national news when a pregnant woman made the ultimate argument after she was pulled over in the HOV lane and claimed that due to Roe Vs Wade being overturned, her unborn child should be considered as a second passenger.

It caught the attention of Texas and Texas lawmakers too.

We covered the story when it broke as well. But it turns out it was just the beginning of the story as it continues to unfold.

The driver, Brandy Bottone's argument might have very well changed the laws even if when she was originally pulled over the officer that stopped her wasn't buying it and ticketed her $275.00

You can read the original coverage below.

The ticket was dismissed but then Brandy Bottone was ticketed AGAIN in the HOV lane! 

It turns out, that the second passenger was a little girl! Yep, the Bottanes celebrated the birth of their little girl in August of this year.

Before you asked, she was NOT NAMED HOV! 

Now we are waiting to see if the bill passes! If so it will take effect on September 1st, 2023.

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