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As a Texan, it's fun to watch someone have their first Buc-ee's experience. The enormous convenience store is a required stop on any Texas road trip that comes near a Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's snacks, drinks, and breakfast burritos are delicious, and who doesn't love the little beaver mascot guy?

Of course, we know it's pronounced BUCK-ees. But in this rave review Tiktok video from user purplecubed, this guy pronounces it BUS-sees. This means something entirely different and you are welcome to look that up on Urban Dictionary at your own leisure. It is not safe for work. Anything you look up on Urban Dictionary is not going to be safe for work. Just like this video is not safe for work:

I love this joke. It's perfectly delivered until he nearly loses it at the end, and I find that charming, too.

A couple of commenters remarked on the  mixed feeling you may experience watching the video:


this is funny, but it also hurts a little to hear it pronounced wrong


As a texan I feel offended for you saying it wrong but I'm calling it that for now on

I mean, it is like the official pee stop of the great nation of Texas, after all. Seems unpatriotic to disrespect it, even in jest. Ah, just kidding, the mascot is a beaver. All bets are off.

There were some really funny comments, too:


it's always warm inside too


I asked this girl where the bucees at and she lie she gave wrong directions I mad


He a little confused but he got the spirit

If you learned a new vocabulary word you didn't want to, I'm sure. But its 2022, it was going to happen sooner or later.

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