Quarantine has been hard on everyone but particularly on these kiddos. As adults who've been alive long enough to truly cherish time alone, it hasn't been too difficult. Can you imagine, however, all the stimulus children are depraved of when they're made to self quarantine away from thier friends, other family, activities....I know it's been super hard on my lil, so when he comes up with something that I think will help keep his brain active or just keep him from losing his mind from boredom, I indulge.  He's been showing me all the stuff about something called Nintendo labo. It's some kind of stuff you put together that's made out of cardboard to go with the switch. So far as I watched him feverishly putting together the first of the kit we got today, all I could think was well, at least he's using some hand eye coordination. We're gonna post pics when he finishes it but it's taking way longer than most of the projects we've tried out this summer. Stay tuned for the finished product.

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