Welp, there she blows. Air Force One has officially touched down at the Airport here in Midland. It's been a crazy day. People were lined up all along 191 to get a glimpse of the bird landing. This particular photo comes from my neighbor and pal, Brian.

There have been some rumors that a lot of things have been shutdown around the airport, but from what I've heard, that isn't entirely true. I even called Big 2 to ask about that because not only are they a news source, but they're located right there. They said that from what they could see, there was a certain route cleared out but for the most part everything was operating as normal. I did personally notice a lot more traffic in that area as it got closer to time for it to land, but it has since cleared out from what I can see. I would have like to have the chance to ask him a few questions, but the price of the tickets were definitely too rich for my blood lol. Maybe next time?

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