With so many advantages in technology it's no suprise that even toilets are getting upgrades. The fanciest level of toiletry I've seen would be the ones at The Inn of The Mountain Gods in Ruidoso. The seat protectors were automatically changed out by some electric revolving wizardry that scared the poop out of me the las time I was there. Even as upgraded as I thought that was they got nothing on these thrones that read your butthole like a fingerprint.

According  to Business Insider scientists at Stanford University have developed a smart toilet that can identify people based on their butt and monitor the health of their poop and pee.

The smart toilet was designed as a continuous health monitoring device, like a smart watch. It uses cameras and motion sensors to identify "a range of disease markers in stool and urine," including colon cancer and prostate cancer.  It sounds a little invasive but the overall idea seems to be keeping an eye on health problems. You can read more about the anus scanning potty in the article on Business Insider. For now I'm good with my low tech john.

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