I think we all knew this day would eventually come. After all, this isn't the first petition to change the name of Lee High. The question now is, what do we name it? They are holding a vote for the name change, so I'd like to throw my suggestion into the ring.

Stan Lee High...Think about it. Not only would it save tons of taxpayer money on changing all the sports and band logos, but it would also prevent all the awkward adjustment period where people continue to call it "Lee" by mistake. It takes away all association with the confederate General, and actually adds a ton of new possibilities in the future. What theme for a High School could possibly be more fun than a comic book? Colorful, fun, familiar, and inviting all at the same time. Stan Lee promoted science, math, learning, and most of all, racial equality. The entire X-Men series is based off of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Magneto looked to solve issues through aggression and force like Malcolm X, and Professor X looked for more peaceful solutions much like MLK. They are REALLY the inspiration for the X-Men.

Personally, I think if you really weigh out the pros and cons, and look at the possibilities along with the tax payer money it can initially save, it's a no brainer.  I think Stan Lee High has endless possibilities that not only save money, but could really make that school the first of it's kind in the entire nation. Who doesn't want to make learning fun?

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