On this day back in 1971, astronaut Alan Shepard hit a golf ball on the moon with a 6 iron and it sailed 300 yards. Impressive right? There's only one problem with that for me.

I've never believed in the conspiracy theories about the moon landing being fake. I always thought they were ridiculous until I read about this golf ball story. For some reason it got me to thinking about conspiracy theorists bringing up the fact that the flag flew straight out when it was planted. NASA explained that it was due to the gravity on the moon. They said the flag was too light not to almost float away due to lighter force of gravity on the moon. I 100% took that as rock solid truth...until I read the golf ball story.

If a flag almost floats away because of  how light it is on the moon, how did a tiny golf ball which I would assume has a similar weight, not sail a whole lot more that 300 yards? Hell, as light as a golf ball is, one would almost assume that he could have hit it and it would damn near hit him in the back of his head on the way back around. Lol Maybe I'm just being dumb. It just seems that something that light on the moon would travel a lot more than 300 yards if hit by a golf club.

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