Walmart has started their massive car seat recycling program. They’re partnering up with TerraCycle to launch the largest car seat recycling even in the nation. The program began on the 16th and will run through the 30th of this month in celebration of National Baby Safety Month. You can find more information on National Baby Safety Month here. If you want to participate in Walmart’s car seat recycling program just bring your used car seats in to trade them out for a $30 Walmart gift card that can be used in store or online. Just see the customer service desk for assistance with your car seat trade in. Limit of 2 gift cards per household and booster sears are not eligible for trade-in. If you live in Midland, Odessa or Big Spring, don’t worry, I already checked for us and both Walmart’s in Midland and Odessa are participating and the Walmart in Big Spring is as well. You can check right here to find out if your area Walmart if participating.

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