If you have any doubts about how douchy big companies can be, just wait until the Internet providers really get going now that net neutrality has been repealed. Seriously. If you thought they were bad to deal with because you got cable through them, you're in for quite the unpleasant experience.

But anyway, there's another big company being super douchy out there. And that's UPS. A Canadian man says he's now broke after the parcel service lost his inheritance that was worth $846,000. And UPS is refusing to do anything about the lost package, except refund the $32 fee to ship the package.

“While UPS’s service is excellent in our industry, we are unfortunately not perfect. Occasionally, the loss of a package does occur,” spokeswoman Nirali Raval told CBC. “Our records indicate that our team followed UPS protocol and an exhaustive search for this package was completed by our Operations and Security teams. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the package.”

If they followed UPS protocol, the man should have his package. At least, that's the way the protocol should work. Track the f***ing package properly.

Now, the guy who was expecting the package isn't completely at fault here for one thing. He says he's maxed out his credit cards and is broke because he doesn't have that check. Okay, that's some serious mismanaging of money. But still, he should have his money because the money is there. The bank has the money, but they're refusing to cut a new bank draft.

Congratulations TD Canada Trust and UPS. Faith in humanity is wavering right now thanks to you.


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