I've seen this topic come up a few times in the MoSho YouTube chat recently. Women commented about how their significant other is such a baby when they get sick. Well, ladies, science just might be backing up the fact that illness is far worse for him than it is for you.

Researchers in Canada recently found that flu symptoms really do hit men harder than women. Why? Estrogen, or a man's lack of estrogen. A woman's immune system does a better job at fighting viruses and producing anti-bodies than men's, and it's connected to their extra estrogen. And on the flip side, men's extra testosterone may actually weaken their immune system:

in a 2016 study, researchers exposed male and female human nasal cells to estrogen in a lab dish, and then infected the cells with the flu virus. The investigators found that the estrogen reduced the levels of flu virus in the cells from female donors, but not male donors.

So there you go ladies, you might want to think twice before you start calling your significant other a 'big baby' the next time he's sick.

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