Whatever happened to Christmas parades? Yes, I know we have Christmas parades but they're not like the ones that I remember. What I remember from when I was a kid was Christmas parades where different groups throughout the community got together to enter their group specific float and it was GLORIOUS! We're talking Girl Scouts, Boy scouts,  choir clubs, chess clubs, book clubs, the police department the fire department maybe all the people that worked at the water department people got together in their community and they made floats for the Christmas parade that looked like the kind of stuff that you would at a poor man's Macy's day parade. My favorite part of Christmas time, as far as spending time with my family goes, was Christmas parades. Even when we were poor we knew we could still go and enjoy the Christmas parade because it was free. So we would get together and I could not wait to get the best spot to watch the parade. The Christmas parade never disappointed. I remember thinking that the police department always had the best float, which makes sense now that I realize I've always been a law enforcement enthusiast. All I'm saying is I remember a time when entering a float into the Christmas parade was so much fun that people couldn't resist but do it. There were clubs all over town, clubs we hadn't even heard of tiny clubs that only had 5 or 6 members in it, entering floats into the Christmas parade. People in the community got together and whether he were in the parade or just watching it, it was something everyone could enjoy. This year I haven't heard anything about the Christmas parade in either Midland or Odessa. If and when I find that information I will update this post to include it. If you are reading this Ryno and the Street Kings I expect you to enter a float in the Christmas parade in your respective towns. Just kidding, but it would be really cool.. Can you imagine a giant, neon pink, glowing, unicorn parade float!? If you didn't guess already that would be mine.

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