Has anyone heard of this? Apparently there is a service out there you can sign up for, pay 9.95 per month and watch all the 2D movies you want, with no blackout dates, no limitations on time, whenever you want at any participating theatre.  It’s called MoviePass and it’s about to be the reason I cancel my  “box of junk in the mail every month” subscription.  Yes, I can literally hear you rolling your eyes as you read this and I already know what you’re thinking, which is exactly what I was thinking.  Sure, this is legit, and I bet it’s the best damn thing ever, just as long as the movie theatres where you live are on the list of participating locations, and I’d bet money that ours are not.  Well they are kids! The only reason I don’t go to the movies every day is because I can’t afford to sell any more plasma and I simply won’t go back to selling drugs….ok, just kidding, I’ve never sold drugs before.  The point is how many more movies would you get to see  if you only had to pay $10 a month to watch as many as you wanted?

I checked and according tohttps://www.moviepass.com/ the following theaters in our area accept the pass.







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