Last week, we were honored to have Jay Chandrasekhar in the studio with us. Jay is the leader of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard and he played Trooper "Thorny" Ramathorn in the first Super Troopers movie.

We've known about the Super Troopers sequel for a couple of years since the story of Broken Lizard crowd-funding the film through Indieigogo was in the news. Jay confirmed to us last week that the movie would have a release date of 4/20/18.

As the trailer shows, it looks like most of the gang is back: Thorny, Mac, Rabbit, Foster...even Farva. Brian Cox also returns as Captain O'Hagen. Hell, even the guy who gets pulled over in the first movie in the "Meow Game" sequence is back!

Meow! I loved Super Troopers. And meow it's back! I'm going to meowk it on my calendar: 4-20. Meow we're talking! OK, you can watch the trailer meow...

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