There is a red balloon floating in the window of Stephen Kings Maine home and he didn’t put it there.


A single red balloon appeared in the window of the (super cool and kinda creepy looking) Bangor home that Stephen King shares with wife Tabby (as he calls her) and it pretty much gave me a nostalgic, throwback, old school scary movie lady bonner when I saw it.


I love all of Stephen Kings books and the movies that came from them.  I think we can all agree that IT was a huge rite of passage in our lives, depending on what age you were.  If you were like me you were right at that age where you started to push for things like a later curfew and having boys/girls in your room and the approval to watch a movie that wasn’t “Ninja Turtle” rated, because damnit mom and dad I’m practically and adult now!


At the time I thought IT was the absolute, most scary, horrifying movie that ever movied….then I watched it again as an adult, like just last year actually, and I was like “This was scary to me?  I’ve seen scarier news broadcasts than this!”.  With the upcoming film adaptation of his novel IT I can see why less than 2 ounces of red latex has everybody buzzing, or at least has all us IT fans buzzing.  To make things even more tantalizing I just saw a few hours ago that Stephen posted on his personal Facebook page about.  Saying basically that he didn’t put it there but it’s cool.  I mean obviously he did but I love that this thing he’s doing for his fans, and trust me it’s working. Are you going to see it September 8th? I am! Check it out for yourselves its pretty damn “knowing head nod” worthy.


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