Everyone one the morning show knows the value of a good nap. Recently research commissioned by the Lovesac Furniture Company shows just what makes up the perfect nap.

  • After a meal or a work out
  • In a dark, cool room
  • With a blanket and one pillow
  • With a pet
  • Lasts 45 minutes

Of course, we can't always plan naps out that much in advance, but if you can, there's the perfect nap. Here are some other nap tidbits the research found.

  • 75% of Americans feel more productive after a nap
  • 24% say they feel 'a lot' more productive
  • 76% consider a nap to be essential if they're feeling sluggish
  • 23% of Americans say they nap every day
  • A nap becomes a full fledged sleep after 70 minutes
  • 29% of Americans admit to dozing off at work
  • 50% agree napping should be allowed at work
  • And finally, the best time for a nap at work, because this is when most people say they're at their sleepiest? 1:55pm

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