It seems like there are some easy solutions when it comes to the boys soccer team that's trapped in the cave.

  • Pump the water out
  • Give the boy scuba gear and they can swim out
  • Or, wait for the water to drain on its own

If you are confused as to how they're trapped and what kind of route they're looking at, just watch the video above. In the first minute it has a good graphic to show just what it looks like where the team is located.

To make matters worse, and to show just how difficult the exit is, a Thai Navy SEAL has died after running out of air during a dive. Crews are stationing oxygen tanks along the route, to make sure that if they choose to get the boys out this way, there is oxygen readily available. Unfortunately for the former Thai Navy SEAL, he ran out of air, and was pronounced dead around 2am local time.

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