Kidnapped, sexually assaulted and beaten to death... Seven people were charged in March for the capital murder of a man reported missing by his sister in September. 26 year old Fred Hardy McNeal was reported missing by his sister in September, I remember writing his name and the few details I found online of his disappearance in my handy dandy local true crime notebook. It wasn’t long before I was writing the update of those details in October that went from missing to found dead in a shallow grave, the most popular of graves. Currently I’m mouth open, jaw dropped as I’m reading details that have been released to the public behind this tragic death. Turns out McNeal was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, beaten to death and buried in a shallow grave on property near Sheep Pasture Road and F.M. 181 by seven very obvisouly troubled individuals. From what I read in the Odessa American, a “cooperating source” provided information that led to the discovery of McNeal’s burial site. Wonder who that was… According to a probable cause affidavit Fred McNeal was kidnapped on August 14th and taken to a travel trailer in the 1800 block of South Shawnee Trail where he was reportedly bound, assaulted sexually by aggravated means and died while being held by the suspects. When I say “sexually assaulted” what I mean is that according to the report Mr. McNeal was forcibly, sexually assaulted with an object that was used to penetrate his anus. Of the six men and one woman who are accused of the murder, for one of them this is their second capital murder charge. How has this not made the news? Why aren't we hearing more about this? If you want to fact check me I included some links, sometimes real life is scarier than fiction people.

You can read the article from the Odessa American online here

Police crime scene
Brian Jackson

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