Apparently the New York Post has a bunch of a-holes working for it. Earlier this week they posted an article about how adults shouldn't dress up for Halloween. But the article does say it's okay to dress everything else up. Pumpkins, your house, etc.

From the actual article:

Give the holiday back to the children. Grow up.

We’re not saying you can’t get into the spirit of the holiday. Go ahead and dress up your house, concoct a Halloween-themed dessert or buy a pumpkin from the grocery store and place it outside your front door.

Then stop.

Ummm, you can't do or have both? Do we really need to make things like Halloween an us vs them issue like everything else? Can't Halloween be shared?

The interesting thing about the article, is that none of the staff writers were willing to put there name on it. It just says it's written by Post Staff Report. Quite honestly though, this doesn't have so much to do with adults dressing up for Halloween, as it does a publication like the New York Post feeling the need to make dressing up for Halloween a major issue. So here you go...

Dear New York Post,

If people want to dress up for Halloween, that's fine. If people don't want to dress up for Halloween, that's fine too.

I'll be dressing up as the Post Staff Report for Halloween. How will I accomplish this feat? I'll be shoving a stick straight up my a** and yelling at people about things that don't matter.

Video courtesy of lagosta lobster

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