Rich Uncle Pennybags showed up to sit right behind Equifax CEO Richard Smith during the Equifax hearing.

The Equifax hearing has begun, and Equifax CEP Richard Smith has some serious explaining to do. The data breach of MILLIONS of peoples' information was enough to upset people, but it didn't help that when the company offered free credit monitoring, they also threw in an arbitration clause. This clause would make it so if anyone accepted their free credit monitoring, they also agreed to not sue the company. For obvious reasons, this upset many people until the company had to admit it was a "mistake," and take out the clause.

One of the upset Americans out there? The Monopoly Man, Uncle Pennybags.

Senate Hearing. Amanda Werner is a consumer protection advocate for Public Citizen and Americans for Financial Reform who decided to go to the hearing to protest Equifax and their ridiculous arbitration clause. Uncle Pennybags made it on several news channels, as well as livestreams of the hearing. The Monopoly was filmed adjusting his monocle, twirling his mustache and even dabbing sweat from his forehead with wads of cash. This is trolling done right. And the trolling didn't go unnoticed.

Twitter was in love with Werner's silent protest and many appreciated her dedication to the character. But for Werner, this was a planned publicity stunt to bring awareness to Equifax unethical practices. She spoke to Vice News, telling them:

"Equifax and Wells Fargo are using these arbitration clauses as a way to get out of jail free, and deny consumers justice. The added fact that the Equifax CEO was just awarded a $7.5 million contract with the IRS made Rich Uncle Pennybags all the more relevant."

While the public may have loved her protest, the Equifax executives weren't as thrilled.

"I was getting a lot of dirty looks, and folks were very uncomfortable with the fact that I was in the room. I think honestly they kept waiting for me to do something that was going to get me kicked out, but luckily I did my homework, I knew what I was allowed to do and not do."

Kudos to Werner and her group for not only bringing awareness to consumer financial protection and how out of touch these stuffy CEOs are that continue to testify in front of Congress. I hope to see the Monopoly Man in the future at another hearing.

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