Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes here. We take each day's show and condense it down to about 50 to 60 minutes. Today's is a little longer though, so enjoy! Here's your podcast recap for Thursday August 11th, 2016.

00:00:10 - We take a caller on Biden's comments about Obama trying to take people's guns. Then we get into the MoSho Calendar.

00:14:24 - We talk about the over 2000 year old record Michael Phelps could break and how the US Men's Basketball Team struggled against Australia.

00:19:58 - We cover the news ranging from Texas, Arkansas, and Arizona.

00:36:02 - We have a True Crime report, that ends on actually a very positive note.

00:47:25 - There's so much Hollywood Buzz it's actually split into two segments. The second one starts at 00:59:00. But they both cover news on Travis Barker, Phil Collins, Vin Diesel, Jennifer Lopez, Captain America, and Lamar Odom. We also talk about a really bad list of the best superhero movies since Blade.