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Here is your rundown for the August 10th, 2016 podcast.

00:00:10 - We talk about the Olympic pools turning green and cover the MoSho Calendar.

00:12:35 - We take a caller on Trump's comment about Hillary and the 2nd Amendment. Brandon lets the caller have it over his ludicrous argument.

00:16:15 - We take more callers on on Trump's comments.

00:25:23 - Comedian Costaki Eonomopoulos calls in (finally, considering Buzz gave him the wrong number) to talk pre-season football.

00:34:27 - We get the Hollywood Buzz from Fernie, including news on Mike D, Rob Zombie, and Lady Gaga.

00:41:24 - We watched a hilarious fight video that takes place on the porch. Play some Neckline calls and have a Yes or BS about Spider-Man.

00:52:44 - More Olympics talk, including the athletes with the most medals. One in the top five is a bit surprising.