Here are a few of the topics we cover on this week's After Buzz.

  • My messed up ankle. Something happened on Tuesday night, where my ankle hurt so bad it actually woke me up. Then something popped in it Wednesday morning, which seemingly made it feel better.
  • Bam Margera. There's a new documentary on Vice about Bam Margera and where he is now. The whole episode is available below.
  • Nico is also filling in for Joanna for the rest of this week and we did a contest earlier on the MoSho for a digital download of the new Batman and Harley Quinn movie. When we did the contest, Buzz asked for caller 12. We don't have 12 phone lines. And while most people would understand to get to caller 12 you just pick up the line and say "Buzz Adams Morning Show, you're caller 1", and hang up, then move on until you get to 12. This was not so easy in Nico's head.


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