Recently a man by the name of Brian Ogolsky went through 50 years of research to see if he could find the keys to a long lasting relationship. Well, he found four key things. And when you read them, you might that they're obvious. Obviously not so obvious because there are a lot of bad relationships out there.

  1. Stop thinking you can do better. It happens frequently, that one person in the relationships feels they can do better than what they have in front of them. The grass is always greener. Well, you can break up, but you'll probably quickly realize what you had was pretty good.
  2. Decide your relationship is more important than your individual needs. Yes, you do need the parts of you that make you who you are, but realize that in a relationship, the two of you should be stronger as a whole.
  3. Don't let conflicts fester. This one seems rather obvious. If you let something bother you and you don't say anything, it's only going to come up later in an argument later, at the worst possible time. If something bugs you or gets under your skin, bring it up.
  4. Make each other laugh as much as possible. It's easy to laugh when things are going easy. Just like it's easy to be nice when someone is being nice to you. The true test is how much can you make each other laugh when things get really stressful and the laughter is much needed.

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