Maybe when you steal a vehicle with a trailer, you should check to see what's in it before. Or maybe just not steal.

Thieves in Albuquerque, New Mexico made an unexpected surprise when they opened the trailer of a U-Haul and SUV they stole. A couple was heading from Oklahoma to Kirtland, New Mexico to bury the wife's deceased father when their vehicle and U-Haul was stolen from a Residence Inn parking lot. Inside the U-Haul was the body of the wife's father who had recently passed away. The couple alerted police to the vehicle theft,and police say the wife was obviously emotional after her father's body had been stolen. Thankfully, it was found a few hours later in another part of the city. Police believe the thieves ditched the stolen good once they discovered what was in the back of the trailer.

A police spokesperson told the Albuquerque Journal they made the case a top priority for their department:

"Clearly, his wife was extremely emotional, as her father's body had just been stolen. We immediately started allocating resources to try to find this vehicle, not only because it's just a heart-wrenching story, but also you're going to have the biosafety factors of having an unaccounted-for dead body."

Police have not arrested the thieves yet but did say that three men taken into custody on Monday with burglary tools are suspected of the crime.

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