The first thing I thought when I saw this yesterday while I was out picking up Rosa’s with my eight year old was, “Who did this?”.  Of course I had to get a picture even though my kid was laughing so loud I almost took the picture with my window rolled up.  I’m not saying I don’t approve, honestly I think it’s pretty damn hilarious! I just want to know how?  Is this an oversized bumper sticker? Did this person go to the craft store and buy those transfers you use on wine glasses or mugs? Did they stencil this on?  Or, and I really hope this is how this happened, when they bought the vehicle was there a moment during the haggling that the salesman said “What can I do to get you in this vehicle today?” and the guy says “Well there is one thing….”.  My opinion is by far not the most important but if you ask me this vehicle has the funniest decal in the 432.  Are there any other vehicles with funny decals like this on them in this area?  If so send us some pics!

Also did you know “haggling” is an actual word?

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