A Texas woman was in for quite the surprise when she gave birth to what she believed was going to be 3 bundles of joy. Giving birth can be a stressful and painful time for any mother-to-be. That's why so much time is spent preparing for that day so the mother can go into the delivery room feeling as though there are no surprises in store for her.

For one Texas mother, she was in for quite a surprise for her delivery this past Monday. Vivian Van Gorder of Waco, Texas went in for a c-section at the hospital and the doctors went in and delivered two boys and two girls, all healthy babies. The fourth child was a shock and surprise to the mother and her doctor. The doctor delivered the three babies and when he reached in he said he felt the fourth child and told the mother "we got a surprise." The doctor says the infant wasn't seen during any of the mother's ultrasounds and must have been behind her siblings hiding. Even more shocking, the parents did not use fertility treatments! The parents have chosen the names Tristan, Erik and Clare but are still trying to figure out to what name their surprise little girl. The parents Chris and Vivian Van Gorder have three other children ages 11, 9 and 4 year-old and now have the 4 newborns to add to their growing family. Here's to hoping they're ready for lots of dirty diapers in their future!

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