Finally! Some home decor I can make fun for me. She done messed up lol. I have a feeling that these couch pillows won't be around very long if I keep writing obscene things on them.

These pillows are awesome. What did she expect with me in the house? Lol as soon as she turned her back after erasing this, I drew a penis on the other one. These pillows have sequins on them. If you rub it one way it's black and if you rub it the other way its red, giving immature imaginations like mine a platform to ruin even the classiest of dinner parties. With great power comes great responsibility...but no one ever accused me of being responsible either. Lol she should have let me know. I would have bought these myself.

What's really crazy is how cheap they are. They're only like $20 or $30 bucks. You can literally spend $200 and have sequins wieners in every corner of your house. Think of the power this gives you with the wife! Oh, you got rid of my favorite T Shirt because you thought it was ugly? SEQUIN WEENIES ACROSS THE ENTIRE HOUSE NEXT TIME WE HAVE GUESTS!

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