Scheduling can often be a tricky thing for supergroups, but when the desire is there to do something things tend to work out. And it looks like the desire is there for Chickenfoot, especially after recently reconnecting at the recent Acoustic-4-a-Cure benefit in San Francisco.

Guitarist Joe Satriani revealed while speaking with the Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon podcast that while things were once a little murky about when the collective might regroup for new music, the benefit appearance seemed to really bring things into focus.

"We had such a good time, and I know we were all wondering what was gonna happen, and the undeniable magic between us was palpable; everybody felt it," says Satriani. "Afterwards, everybody said, 'You guys have to record another record,' and everybody wanted to do it. So everyone was hugs and smiles and we said, 'Let's do it.'"

The guitarist admits, "I was pretty shocked, because it looked like it wasn't gonna happen this year, but I think it is gonna happen this year. So I think the next step is writing and [seeing] if we can all get in the same city at the same time again for a couple of days. That's the way the band operates. We never have three months where we rent a chateau in France and record an album; that'll never happen. It's here and there, hit the ground running, which I like in a way. It keeps the juices flowing and the spirits up and we don't waste time. So I think that's good."

He went on to add, "I'm cool with just doing a record or doing a record and a couple of maybe residencies around the world. I think that whole thing about us touring like Journey or Def Leppard or something like that, Chickenfoot, I don't think, was ever going to do that, because we all have other things we're doing. But I've learned to love it."

After issuing their self-titled debut in 2009 and returning with Chickenfoot III in 2011, the band has remained mostly inactive as the members all focused on their other projects. But the group did offer a Best + Live album last year. Stay tuned to see what the future holds for Chickenfoot.

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