New Mexico State Representative Monica Youngblood tried to talk her way out of a DWI by saying she stood up for cops when people called them racist. Police in Albuquerque have released nearly 40 minutes of bodycam footage of the DWI arrest of New State Representative Monica Youngblood. The lawmaker was at a sobriety checkpoint early Sunday morning and police say the state rep. had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol and was asked to pull over. Police say she failed her field sobriety tests and was questioned by officers before being handcuffed.

Youngblood refused to take a breathalyzer test, insisted she hadn't been drinking and begged the officers not to arrest her. She told them she got in a fight with her boyfriend and was upset at the time. After she was arrested, Youngblood can be heard sobbing and telling the officers that she "fights for you guys every time I get the chance." The officer responded by telling her that even though she fights for them, "that doesn't make it okay to drink and drive." She also brought up the fact that she has sponsored legislation that would reinstate the death penalty for cop killers and that when people say cops are racist she stands up for them,

"So many people tell me that you guys treat people of color like s**t, and I always stood up for you."

New Mexico Democrats are now calling on Monica Youngblood to resign, and the New Mexico Attorney General's Office is now reviewing the case. Democrats called for the investigation after seeing the video and believe that Youngblood abused her authority and tried to use her political office to influence the police. Learn more about this story in the KOB news video above.


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