Texas State Rep. Joe Moody is introducing a house bill that, if passed, would change the way marijuana possession would be treated. Essentially, it wouldn't be treated as a criminal offence if they amount is under one ounce.

We talked to Mr. Moody today and that interview is posted below.

The bill in question is Texas House Bill 81. It stipulates that, if passed, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana in the state of Texas would be treated as a civil offense. The marijuana would be seized and destroyed and a fine of $250 would be assessed but there would not be a criminal penalty. In other words, they might take your weed but they won't take you to jail.

Legalization groups are calling this a move in the right direction for the state but there's still plenty of opposition from other lawmakers in the state house and from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Some polls show that as many as 60% of Americans support legalization for non-medicinal purposes.

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