Today I left for my big girl job and realized all too late that I’d forgotten my make-up bag at home.  Most of you reading this may be saying yourself “aaaaand who gives a shit?”, I’ll tell you who, ME!


I almost had a panic attack when I reached in my purse for lipstick and came out empty handed.  It was too late and I was too far to turn around otherwise I would have.  That bag of makeup is.


Just as important to remember to bring as my phone.  No lipstick all day? What the hell man?


I remembered on our trip to Florida for the Children’s Miracle Network seminar I saw the most amazing thing ever in the airport, a vending machine for makeup….it was glorious people!


Why don’t we have these next to Redbox’s? As I pondered how awesome it would be to have these outside at places like gas stations and such I thought of some other vending machines that might be fun to have.

  • Adult coloring book vending machines
  • Individual shots of liquor vending machines
  • Tech accessory vending machines (I saw these as well in the airport in Florida)
  • Lego vending machines (this one’s for my son)
  • Legging vending machines
  • Dog treat vending machines (might only work to have these at dog parks but still a solid idea)
  • There needs to be a vending machine for various grocery items that you need to for a recipe but never have, like eggs, milk, butter, stuff like that.

What kind of vending machines would you want sitting outside the gas station?  Did you know in Japan they have puppy vending machines?


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