With this day being Kurt Cobains 50th birthday what did Nirvana mean to you and how did his untimely death affect you?

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 23 years since we lost one of the greatest front men in rock, Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide in the loft of his garage.

I personally remember getting a call from a friend who was in radio at the time to tell me that Kurt Cobain had taken his own life, I wasn't in the business then and knew moments before the news had broadcast it all across the airways, I certainly wasn't as effected by the news as some would end up being but it was still a tragic loss of a truly talented individual.

Since that time there have been many conspiracy theories as to his death but I think the real tragedy is that we as fans only received three full length releases from Nirvana, Bleach, the iconic Nevermind and In Utero, it's almost amazing that we only received three release from a band that will go down in history that killed the era of the hairband.

So I must ask what did Nirvana mean to you?

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