Wow guys! My first time out at Fiddlesticks Farms was awesome!!!! I got to hold a chicken (even though they wouldn't let me take it home), watched a cow get milked, saw some super cute pigs... I may have wanted to steal a few animals but only to bring them home and dress them in tuxedos and ball gowns.

My favorite thing was the hay ride to the pumpkin patch!!!! OMG! I was in heaven! There are all kinds of pumpkins lil cute baby ones, Cinderella ones, whites ones, it was a pumpkin paradise! Then we rode the cow cars behind a tracker and I peed my pants a lol. Then we had a tug of war contest, girls against guys, obviously we let them win so they wouldn't all develop complexes. Then we slid down the tallest slide that ever slid... by then we had just enough time to catch candy from the candy cannon and grab a few bags of kettle corn.  It was so much fun. You have to check them out! And when you do, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!

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