The New Mexico home used for AMC's "Breaking Bad" will now have a fence around it to protect the dwelling from unruly fans. And pizzas on the roof.

After the success of AMC's  Breaking Bad, many of the sites from the show have become tourist hot spots where fans will flock to take pictures to see where some of their favorite scenes were shot. And after years of vandalism, trespassing and harassment, it looks like the New Mexico family who owns Walter White's famous home have finally had enough. The family are installing a six-foot high black wrought iron fence around the home to protect it from unruly fans. The family says they don't feel comfortable leaving the home for fear of what will happen while they're gone. They said some fans will trespass onto their property, some take rocks from their landscaping, and others will even throw pizzas not he roof of the house. Even when they are home, they said fans can be disrespectful to them, by asking them to close the garage or get out of the picture so they can get the "authentic" Breaking Bad look. Even with the construction happening, they said some fans have jumped the construction to get a photo of the home.

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