A dispute between two neighbor's turned venomous after one of the men let a rattlesnake go in the home of the other. In Caldwell County, Texas a quarrel between two neighbors took a strange turn when one of the men decided to free a rattlesnake into the other's home. 39 year-old Ryan Felton Sauter and his neighbor Keith Monroe got into a verbal argument  earlier in the day on June 17. After the fight, Sauter decided to place the venomous snake into Monroe's mobile home but didn't want the snake's rattle to warn him. Sauter decided to use his teeth to bite the snake's rattle off the end of the reptile before letting him loose into the home. Lucky for Monore, he saw Satuter leaving his trailer and when he asked him why he was in there his neighbor said "you'll see."

When Monroe entered his trailer, he saw the 3 foot-long snake in the middle of his trailer. Monroe was able to kill the snake with a machete and then called the police on his neighbor. Sauter was arrested on charges of deadly conduct and criminal trespass of a habitation. Each charge has a $7,500 bond and Sauter is currently being held for the charges. When Monroe was asked why his neighbor would try to kill him, he told KVUE that the two men had long-running disagreements on many topics.

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