If you’re able to get through this entire video without laughing, you’re far more mature than we are. We compiled some of the most infamous misheard lyrics in rock and metal history into this new YouTube challenge. Your job? Don’t laugh, giggle or crack a smile.

We’re hitting you hard right away with this challenge, sampling a section of Meshuggah’s “Rational Gaze.” If you’ve spent enough time on Reddit or YouTube comment sections for the song, you know exactly what we’re talking about, and fear of unstoppable laughter has possessed your very soul.

In classic "Weird Al" tradition, many of these lyrics have been reimagined to be about food. Have you ever wondered why James Hetfield seems to be singing about apple pie, Mikael Akerfeldt about tacos or Tom Araya about bacon? You’re not alone, and these hilarious misheard lyrics have been the subject of Internet lore for seemingly the entirety of YouTube/Reddit history.

We couldn’t compile this challenge without adding some of the all-time classics. Jimi Hendrix singing, “Scuse me while I kiss the sky” has been misinterpreted for five whole decades, while one of Freddie Mercury’s lines in Queen’s “We Will Rock You” has left feline lovers confused about the livelihood of their pets. Yep, once you hear a lyric one way, you can never hear it the same ever again.

Take our Try Not to Laugh Challenge (Misheard Lyrics Edition) in the video above. Good luck!

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