Texas celebrity and America's oldest man Richard Overton was an identity theft vicim after his family found out he was robbed of his life savings. Lots of people in the state of Texas are familiar with Richard Overton, even if you don't know his name. The 112 year-old Austinite has had a long and eventful life. He is a World War II combat veteran, has lived in the same house for 7 decades on a street named after him and has even met former President Barack Obama. About a year ago, there was a nationwide viral campaign to help raise money for Overton when he was going to lose his home that raised him hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase the home. Now, it looks like his luck has sadly changed.

Overton's family told the press that an online thief hacked into Overton's account to purchase savings bonds over the past couple months. The thief or thieves set up a fake bank account using Overton's social security number and then proceeded to break into the senior's personal bank account. The family told KXAN news in Austin that they were shocked and hurt that someone would do this to an American hero.

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